Posted by: darcieczajkowski | November 7, 2012

Monday Blues.

Here’s how you fight those blues.  You make this.

Socca.  It’s delicious, versatile, and I love that I can throw any random toppings on it along with tons of cheese, and call it dinner.  I used Sarah’s recipe and even made my own chickpea flour as she suggested.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with socca, Sarah’s post also gives a detailed history of its origination and also its health benefits.  Check it out.

After seeing Jessica’s post about her butternut squash obsession, I decided to try a fall version of socca.


Step One: I chopped and peeled some butternut squash.  No finger casualties this time.  I tossed it with olive oil, sea salt, and nutmeg (pretty standard seasoning when it comes to squash).  I roasted it in my toaster oven on 450 because I was really hungry and wanted the squash done ASAP.


While the squash was roasting, I caramelized onions.


When the squash was mostly soft, I added some freshly chopped sage.


Here is the socca batter.  I let it rest covered for about two hours, per Sarah’s instructions.


I added pesto chicken apple sausage to the onions.Image

Here is what the socca looks like after it’s cooked.  So tasty.


Assemble: I mushed up the squash and spread that across the socca, then I added the onions and sausage, then topped with tons of Monterrey Jack cheese.  I let it cook just long enough for the cheese to melt.


Then I let it cool just long enough to take this photo before shoving it into my mouth and consuming the entire socca pizza in record.  All that was left was a burned mouth.


Final cure for the Monday Blues: sweet potato brownies.  These babies stay fresh for quite a long time, particularly when your boyfriend won’t touch them because of the vegetables in dessert.  Whatever, more for me.  

What more could I ask for on a Monday except maaaybe some fall weather to go with my fall food.  85 degrees today, no joke.


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