Posted by: darcieczajkowski | November 8, 2012

Wednesday Wishes.

Dear Producers of The Good Wife,

Here is my wishlist for how you could improve your show.

1. I wish that Eli would cut that annoyingly long piece of hair that not only makes him look like he’s older than he actually is, but also makes him look like he’s balding.  And well, slightly creepy.  Get a haircut, Eli!

2. I wish Alicia wasn’t so good.  Ugh, I don’t want to encourage her to cheat on her husband, but Will is better, in like every way, than Peter.  He doesn’t sleep with hookers, for starters.  That is worth its weight in gold.

3. Never mind.  I wish I could have Will (not Josh Charles) for myself.  He’s just so darn sexy.  From the way he dresses, to the way he walks, to his confidence in the courtroom.  He makes the law seem sexy (seem is the keep word, as I can speak from personal experience that the law is decidedly not sexy.)  

4. I wish Cary was more like Logan from Gilmore Girls.  He was much more charming in those days, although his clothes have definitely improved.  There was something about the bad boy antics that were tamed by the oh-so-boring Rory that made him so irresistible.  Cary, on the other hand, – eh?  He gets the runner-up spot to Will.  Any day.  Every day.  Indisputably.

5. I wish Kalinda’s husband or ex-husband (whatever he is) would go away.  The story line is just plain dull.  They both claim they love each other, but honestly, if that’s love, then I don’t want to be in love.  Sick and twisted is what it is.  Please bring back tequila shots with Alicia instead.  Now that was a story line I could – and did – get behind.

Thank you for your considering my wishlist.  I’d be happy to provide you with my address in regards to wish number two.




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