Posted by: darcieczajkowski | November 13, 2012

Monday Blues.

Today sucked.

I know that to be expected because, after all, it’s Monday, the worst day of the week.  But today was worse than usual.  Here is why:

1. I chose a thin long-sleeved shirt, a black pencil skirt, and black tights to wear to work today.  And…these shoes.


Never mind that I’m 5’9″ and these shoes added about 5 inches.  No big deal.

Then I was on my way to my car.  And it was freeeeezing.  It was fine though, I would be at work soon.  I got into the car  and saw that it was 47 degrees.  That is cold.  But because it’s San Diego (which is apparently code for it never gets cold here), I would have been shamelessly mocked at work for showing up in a coat (trench, or otherwise).  It just plain silly, but nevertheless, reality.

Anyway, I arrived at work and it was still freeezing.  Inside.  I received an e-mail from the office secretary – something was wrong with the heating system.  I spread out the blanket that I keep at the office over my legs.  That did little to ease my shaking body.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Ten minutes later, I gave up.  I went home.  And changed into these bad boys.


Office lawyer job, what?  I also added a black boyfriend sweater and a lacy blue scarf that my mom bought for me in Paris.

Back at the office, things started to look up.  The heating system was (eventually) fixed, and with my added layers, I was ready to work.

Then, I got this e-mail.

Dear Darcie,

Thank you for your submission to XYZ Literary Agency. Please be assured that I have carefully considered your project. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the manuscript is right for me at this time.

Because we receive more than two hundred submissions per week, it is necessary to be extremely selective on a very subjective basis. I wish you the best of luck. There are numerous excellent agents that might be the right fit for your manuscript. Don’t give up!

Don’t give up.  Easy for you to say, lady.  I know, rejection is part of the literary world.  I know, it only takes one agent to see your talent and say yes.  I know that this novel might be successful, but it’s still a great learning experience.  And the best “comfort,” it’s such an accomplishment that I wrote a novel.

Still, the rejection stings.

3. Somehow, I made it through the day.  I went home to work out.  I wasn’t feeling well last week, so this was my first day returning to an intense workout.  I could barely make it through before I was hyperventilating, barely able to remain standing, and virtually a puddle of sweat on the floor.  No, there is no photo to illustrate this point.  Let me tell you that you should be grateful that I spared you the sight.

So at this point, there was only one solution for today’s extreme cause of the Monday blues.

Comfort food.  To me, that means cheese.  And lots of it.

I had some spaghetti squash in the fridge that I needed to use up so I combined Kate’s and Jessica’s pumpkin fettuccine recipes and added some touches of my own.  It was fast, easy, and deliciously comforting.


I scraped the squash into a bowl.


I cooked turkey bacon.


I made a roux with butter and flour (about 1 tablespoon each).  I also added garlic.  Then came about 2/3 cup milk.  Once that was nice and saucy, I tossed in handfuls (no, I did not measure) of Monterrey Jack cheese, chopped sage,  and some pumpkin (again, I didn’t measure but maybe 2/3 cup).  Stir, stir, stir.


I added some spices: cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and rosemary.


And then my alfredo sauce was ready.


I poured the sauce over the heated squash and topped with more cheese (parmesan, this time) and the chopped bacon.

Then I ate.  And I was happy happier.  Thank you, cheese, you did it again.


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