Posted by: darcieczajkowski | November 15, 2012

Wednesday Wishes.

Dear Producers of Grey’s Anatomy,

Here is my wish list for how you could improve your show.

1. I wish that Cristina and Owen would get back together.  You know it; I know it; America knows it.  They belong together.  They are both screwed up in their own ways, but together, they are almost normal.  They understand each other’s neuroses, and if they could get past the hurt they have caused one another, I believe they could actually have a good marriage.

2. I wish I could hug and squeeze Zola all day long.  It could possibly be because she has the cutest name ever.  Regardless, I’ll bet she’s the best snuggle bunny.

3. I wish Mr. Feeny could have stuck around a little longer.  He is the kind of man that makes me want to visit nursing homes and have longs chats with someone’s grandfather about “the good ol’ days” and hear him tell me how things were “when he was young.”  He makes me miss my own grandfathers, both of whom have passed away.  It makes me a bit regretful that I didn’t spend more time when them while they were alive, or rather, when I did, I wish that I had extracted more knowledge from them about what their lives were like before I was born.  Mr. Feeny made me feel closer to them, and for that, I am grateful.

4. I wish that someone would break down Alex’s hard, cold, distant exterior.  Ever since Izzie left, he has returned to the old Alex, the one who sleeps around and regards people in an abusive tone.  It’s obvious that he acts this way as a defense mechanism, hoping to stave off further disappointment he could experience if he were to let some in again.  First his mom, then that patient of his who had the facial reconstructive surgery and eventually went crazy, and then Izzie.  I’m not sure if he has the strength to open his heart again.  But I sure I wish that he would.

5. I wish that Arizona hadn’t lost her leg.  After so many tragedies on this show, the plane crash struck me as entirely unrealistic.  I understand that sometimes actors want to leave shows (whimper, whimper, McSteamy is gone), but please kill them off some other way next time.  I’m tired of horrific, mind-blowing, catastrophic disasters.  I recognize that the world can be an evil place, and bad things like this really do happen, but not all to the same 10 or so people.  I get that the show is fiction, but it’s not fantasy.  And while I find the situation with Arizona to be heartbreaking and I emphasize with others who have to deal with it, the storyline with Arizona’s leg is just plain dull.  Perhaps there is a reason for it that will be revealed further down the line, but Arizona was already moody enough before this happened to her.  She didn’t need her leg to be cut off to add bitterness and resentment to her long list of undesirable qualities.

Thank you for considering my wishlist.  I’d be happy to provide you with my address in regards to wish number two.




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