Posted by: darcieczajkowski | November 17, 2012

Friday Comfort.

If you’re like me and you had a long, hard week, you should make this meal.  It’s so good, tonight is the second night in a row that I’m eating it for dinner.  Ultimate. Comfort. Food.

Once or twice a week, I like to have friends over for dinner and cook for them.  Last night, my friend, Andrea, came over for a workout, dinner, and obviously, wine.  The workout didn’t happen because Andrea fell ill at work and didn’t have the energy.  No problem, that meant I could start drinking earlier.  Don’t feel too bad for Andrea that she couldn’t partake in the wine.  I drank enough for the two of us.  (And she’s not much of a wino anyway – how are we friends?)

After about two hours of non-stop girl talk (mostly me, given that I was the one drinking the wine), we made dinner.  She’s on a mostly gluten-free diet so she brought multi-grain gluten-free bread for fruit-filled grilled cheese sandwiches.  If you know me at all, you know that I love cheese.  And while I don’t eat bread that often anymore, I love it.  Wine, bread, cheese, and a good friend.  That is a recipe that will heal any sickness.  Oh, yeah, we also ate roasted red pepper and tomato soup that I had made earlier in the week.  (Delicious, but nothing tops grilled cheese in my book no matter what.)







Lightly buttered gluten-free bread, blackberries, basil, Monterrey Jack cheese.  Grilled to perfection.


Last, but certainly not least.

I’m enjoying my Friday night, and I hope you are, as well.


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