Posted by: darcieczajkowski | December 3, 2012

Monday Blues


It’s finally starting to feel like fall in San Diego.  The leaves are (sort of) falling.  The weather is cooling down (upper 60s instead of 80s).  These things make me feel less blue on a Monday.


So does the fact that we went to buy a Christmas tree last weekend.  Is this only for the kids?


But eventually we found our (mini) tree.  While I’ve managed to keep basil plants alive for several months now (no small feat), I didn’t want to risk a larger tree on my first go-around.  Next year though – all bets are off!


It was also a great foodie weekend.  We made a BBQ chicken pizza…with bacon, and mushrooms, and onions.  If I really wanted to fight the Monday blues, I would make this again tonight.  And every other night this week.


Or maybe this French Toast with blackberry compote…and bacon.


I also attended a going away party for a friend who left the next day to move to Seattle.  No, I did not make this cake, but it sure was delicious.

See ya, Monday Blues!


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